Update v1.1.1

Version 1.1.1


  • Hotkeys remove io objects
  • Escape while holding a selection containing an io object not below the cursor drops the selected components and makes them inactive
  • Selection is not cleared when switching to different solution
  • Crash after switching solution with a selection that was not cleared
  • io components not active when loading a corrupted save file
  • Components can be placed outside the board
  • Crash when scrolling outside of a loaded level
  • Sum of components costs not updating when switching solutions

New features

  • Move the board with the middle mouse button
  • Every 5th grid line is slightly thicker


octopticom-linux.zip 44 MB
Sep 20, 2019
octopticom_demo-linux.zip 44 MB
Sep 20, 2019
octopticom_demo-win.zip 45 MB
Version 6 Sep 20, 2019
octopticom-win.zip 45 MB
Version 18 Sep 20, 2019


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