Version 1.1 - step function and color blindness mode

Below is a list of new features, changes and bugfixes for version 1.1 of OCTOPTICOM. Some highlights are - added step and pause functions and color blindness mode.

New features

  • Step and pause functions
  • Color blindness mode
  • Hotkeys for all components
  • Sum of component costs shown in the right bottom corner(can be toggled on and off by pressing 'K')
  • Change simulation time(speed) by scrolling
  • Delete selection when an input/output component is also selected
  • The Options menu is accessible inside a loaded level


  • Level select menu is restructured showing the names of the levels and grouping them in 3 groups - easy, medium and hard
  • Goals are visible in all levels
  • Clarifications in the instructions for some levels
  • Instructions for all unsolved levels show automatically


  • Holding the output component and pressing R results in a solved level
  • Escape while running disables buttons when returning to level
  • Right mouse click over menu buttons crashes the game
  • Accumulator bug on step 31 due to overflow(reported by shuffleskye on reddit)
  • Various issues with the switches(reported by algorithmshark, shuffleskye and others)
  • Partially solved an issue reported by Baltazár Radics related to the switches and the behavior of splitters.

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