Update v1.0.2

We've been busy updating the game over the past few days. Here is a list of the changes that we'll call version 1.0.2:

- fixed a bug in the behaviour of Type 1 switches in some cases(thanks to reesylou for reporting it)
- added a key for clearing residual beams("C")
- changed the optimization challenge for level 37(First 5 last 5) to avoid an easy brute force solution
- added optimization challenges to levels that didn't have any(thanks to Innocentive)
- changed the input in level 19(RGB) to avoid using the same solution as in level 4(Beam splitting)
- other minor improvements here and there

If you are stuck somewhere and need some tips, want to see a highly optimized solution or maybe a different approach to solving a particular level check out Innocentive's great guide on Steam.


octopticom-linux.zip 44 MB
Oct 17, 2018
octopticom-win.zip 45 MB
Version 8 Oct 17, 2018


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